Jon Hart - technical director

Jon is a degree qualified electronic engineer who has had a keen interest in computing and robotics since the early 1980’s.  Prior to setting up RTC, Jon has held senior lead software and electronic design positions in the fields of flight and ground based simulation, medical equipment and semi-conductor tool manufacture. 


Jon combines systems engineering prowess with an in-depth knowledge of software design methodologies and processes.  Jon's main role as Technical Director is in the specification and design of control systems software. 


Jon has 20 years experience of designing mission critical systems.

Trevor Dale - Lead Electronic Engineer

Trevor is a first class electronic engineer with 20 years experience in commercial electronics design.  His skills cover digital and analogue electronics as well as embedded firmware.  Trevor has worked on one-off high value products as well as high-volume low cost which has lead to well rounded understanding of production processes and regulatory standards.    


Trevor is a Chartered Engineer and a Member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology.

Trusted Engineers

RTC employs trusted engineers on a project basis depending on the skill set required.  We currently have access to around 10 trusted engineering staff with specialiaties as diverse as aerodynamic modeling, mechanical engineering and computer vision.

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