If you have equipment that needs controlling or devices that need a test bed, come to us. We can design the necessary electronics to drive your hardware as well as mechanical assemblies. We can provide interface solutions for legacy equipment, giving it a new lease of life. We use COTS hardware where possible with custom electronics if need be. We will work closely with your engineers to understand your requirements

We use advanced tools for electronic design and simulation, and the latest solid-modelling CAD systems for mechanical design. Printed circuit design is handled in house to ensure close integration with other parts of a project, and advanced placement and routing tools are used wherever appropriate. We regularly exchange design files with customers to speed communication, and handle most of the common formats.

Our sister company has a fully fitted machine shop with the latest in CAD /CAM tools linked to CNC mills and lathes. We can produce a wide range of hardware from miniature precision jigs and fixtures up to large multi rack test stations.

hardware skills checklist
  • Analogue and Digital Electronic Design
  • Computer Interfaces
  • Precision fixtures and jigs
  • Rack based test equipment
  • CAD / CAM facilities¬†
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