Real Time Computing provides real-time software and electronic design services.  Our experience spans a range of industries, including:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Consumer
  • Factory Automation
  • Medical
  • Semiconductor
  • Simulation (Flight/ground)

We have worked with a wide range of products and platforms, from tiny embedded lighting controllers, to full flight simulators.  Our engineers are multil-disciplined professionals combining software, electronics and mechanical engineering knowledge.

Our aim is to provide a quality bespoke design service to industry with a focus on quality.

Embedded and PC-based Control Systems Design

RTC's experience in designing robust control systems comes from working at the leading-edge for blue chip companies across varied industries. Our design process is proven to deliver mission critical electronic and software solutions.  

We know the common pitfalls of ground-up design - what works and what doesn't. We offer rapid prototype development and production ready design services.

We have embedded systems development experience with popular platforms including ARM, PIC, dsPIC and PowerPC. We can deliver firmware code to your company's requirements, whether it be Assembler, C or C++. 

With the acceptance of the PC as a serious cost-effective control solution, a large proportion of our work is PC based.  We have experience with Linux and Windows (desktop and embedded) and RTOS such as VxWorks, ThreadX and IntervalZero RTX.  We also have knowledge of legacy mainframe computers (SEL / Encore, Harris, Concurrent) used in the operation of flight simulators. 

First and foremost we are engineers. We speak hardware as well as software. You won't get a blank look when showing our software engineers your latest schematic and saying "We need to control this".
Control System Upgrades / Analysis

Perhaps you have an existing system that needs enhancing, either to increase performance or add new features.  Do you have a legacy system with little documentation that you want to upgrade?  Maybe you have just lost your key developer and just want to know exactly where you are with a particular project.  

We have rescued many projects facing these sorts of issues. We have the skills to advise you on the best course of action. We are experts at streamlining for performance and can provide added value to your existing investment. We can take what you have and baseline it - providing full documentation.

How can we do this as a third party? The answer is objectively, precisely and completely.

Custom Turn-key Automated Test Equipment


If you have a process that needs automating or a product that needs a test bed we can help you. We can design a complete ATE systems to meet your requirements - software, electronics and mechanical assemblies.

We use advanced tools for electronic design and simulation, and the latest solid-modelling CAD systems for mechanical design. Printed circuit design is handled in house to ensure close integration with other parts of a project, and advanced placement and routing tools are used wherever appropriate. We regularly exchange design files with customers to speed communication, and handle most of the common formats.

Our sister company has a fully fitted machine shop with the latest in CAD /CAM tools linked to CNC equipment. We can produce a wide range of hardware from miniature precision jigs and fixtures up to large multi rack test stations.

Real Time Computing Ltd